GraphicConverter 9

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老舗アプリが、App Store版にもなってたのね…。
そして、なぜか、Ver.9 は、8と別アプリになってるっぽい?

Too few ratings for this version.


-- GraphicConverter 10 is now available in the Mac App Store -- This version (GraphicConverter 9) is still available for customers with MacOS 10.7 or 10.8. Because GraphicConverter 10 requires 10.9 or later. Customers who purchased GraphicConverter 9 between January 1 and May 25, 2016 receive the upgrade to GraphicConverter 10 free of charge. Just contact our support with a proof of your purchase.…

Release Notes

New features
• added support for a new Windows 10 icon encoding method

Updated features
• translations updated
• optimized browser context menu
• added import of image from SubIFD of XIF files if the main image uses an unknown compression scheme
• old batches will automatically copied to the new storage location upon the first launch
• improved support for 10.11
• added unicode filename support to HTML catalog creation
• translations updated
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  • Version 9.7.5

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